Marketing, Sales & Communications

Marketing, Sales & Communications requires a different approach. The internet has changed the way we do business.

Using traditional marketing techniques that broadcast information about your goods and services will not deliver the results you desire.

The internet is empowering customers as they;

  • demand genuine two-way conversations – 24/7
  • openly discuss your business on social networks and
  • can criticise you without any recourse

Social Ties manages your communications strategy by engaging customers in a consistent and genuine way.


Achieves results for your business

We strive to understand your business, the challenges you face & your customers. Every business is different so we create customised communications, marketing and sales strategies to suit.

Social Ties delivers the benefits of communicating with your target market via social media, PR, website management, e-newsletters and external communications, database management, blogs and events, all of which increases exposure, resulting in increased business.

Social Ties ensures your business is conversing and forming lasting and engaging relationships with your target market by becoming part of your team by providing all communications needs for your business, including marketing services, social media services, event management and training.

Social Ties

Client Testimonial

Vivienne at SocialTies has been a long-term provider to ODMA (the Optical Distributors and Manufacturers Association). I can’t recommend Viv more highly – I have found her super responsive, she is very pro-active and self-sufficient yet also open to working on any new ideas raised. She provides great advice, good summary reports on our social media campaigns and she forms great relationships with our valued members.

I have also found Viv to be an amazing writer, able to find just the right words and keep communications succinct. I have recently expanded her involvement in other projects and events and have found her to be efficient, helpful, an amazing proofreader and a wealth of knowledge on various communication mediums. Viv is a valued member of the extended ODMA team!

Amanda Trotman

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